Children's University works closely with all kinds of learning providers and activity leaders to offer children the widest variety of opportunities.

In order to offer a consistent quality of activities we undertake a quality assurance process to validate these opportunities to confirm they meet certain standards.

Learning Destinations can be anywhere that a child can take part in high-quality, fun, innovative and engaging learning experiences. 

Learning Destinations 'stamp' the child's Passport To Learning in correspondence with the time a child has been engaged in learning activities.

There are three main categories for Learning Destination.

Public Learning Destination:  Places which provide Children's University validated learning activities, traditionally they are tourist and visitor sites or national organisations with sites in more than one town or city. 

Public Learning Destinations include hertigate sites, wildlife and environmental centres, zoos, libraries, cultural arts organisations, including theatres.  

Restricted Learning Destination:

After school clubs and activities at Children's University Member Schools. Activities offered in the local community whiich require regular participation through membership, which includes Scout and Guiding Groups.

Downloadable Learning Activities which include Children's University Challenges

Becoming a Learning Destination:

If you are a learning provider and would like to become a Learning Destination, you will find the details here.