About Children's University Challenges

Our Children's University Challenges provide CU Learners with learning activities and experiences which can be completed at home. 

We have a range of Challenges to suit all ages and interests.

Each activity has an allocated number of Learning Credits.

These Learning Credits will be awarded by either:

the CU Membership School your child attends; or

the Suffolk Children's University Manager.

You will be asked to submit evidence of the challenge that your child has completed (in our experience photographs of all learning activities works best).  

If your child has a Provisional Passport to Learning and you are looking for additional pages, please click here:


Looking for a fun learning challenge to do?

Have a look at the list below and click on each Activity Topic & Link to go straight through to the activity.

To claim your Credits, follow the guidance on each challenge.

Have Fun!

Remember to click on the Activity Topic & Link to see the Challenge.

Please complete a Learning Reflection Sheet, which you will find here, for the activities you complete. You can include more than one activity on each Learning Reflection Sheet. 

We will be adding new challenges each week.

Activity Topic & Link to resources         Description
Harry Potter The wizarding world of Harry Potter, Arithmancy, Spells, Magic Wands and Invisible Ink
Create  your own musical instruments Create your own musical instruments using items from home.
Skeleton challenge Your skeleton is an amazing thing, so learn all about the bones in your body
Create a Jar of Joy Collect a jar and use it as a place to store down notes of positive things. 
Tornado in a Bottle Follow our instructions and make your very own Tornado in a Bottle!
Making your own Wind Vane Make your own Wind Vane and make a diary of which way the wind blows each day.  Does the wind change direction in a day? 
Recycled Outfits

It doesn't matter whether you LOVE fashion and clothes, or whether you would rather stay in your pyjamas all day. We can't wait to see your fashion creations from this challenge!

Autumn Challenge, October Half Term. Create an Autumn Rainbow, Conker Creatures or Hedgehog Rolls. If you've ever wondered how tall the tree are, we show you how to measure them. With Pumpkin Mathematics and other Pumpkin things, and a spot of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious too, there's something for all interests.


Discover Arts Award - May 2020

Taking part in Discover Arts Award will earn 4 Learning Stamps for the Passport to Learning and CU Learners will also be presented with an Arts Award Certificate.

With thanks to Emma Jenkins at Kent Children's University and Julie Neville at Arts Award for all their support in developing this.

You will find all the details here.

Arts Award Discover Part A

Arts Award Discover Part B

Arts Award Discover Part C


Learning Destination Partner Challenges - click on the link below. 

More Learning Challenges, this time from our Learning Destinations.

Our Learning Destinations have been busy creating home learning challenges which are eligible for Children's University Learning Stamps.

With challenges from Woodbridge Tide Mill, Invisible Cities, Essex Police Museum and Firstsite we think there's something for everybody.  



Keeping Safe Online

As a CEOP Ambassador I am able to share with you resources and home learning sheets which, in times when children are likely to be spending more time online, I thought would be a great way for them to learn more about ways to keep themselves and all of their personal information safe.

For parents there are also helpful guides. 

We often don't know as much as we think.

As with all the information with you, none of this is compulsory, but all activities completed will receive Learning Stamps in the usual way.

For each of these completed challenges CU Learners will receive 1.5 hours of Learning Stamp credit.




Bumper Challenge 

We are living in slightly unusual times and CU Learners will be spending more time at home.

We have created this Bumper Children's University Challenge which we hope will give you ideas for activities.

More Challenges will be created and posted here over the coming weeks.




Autumn Challenge

Ideas to inspire

Winter Challenge 2019

To entertain

Spring Challenge 2020

Perfect for February half term